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Mathias Resume & Editing Services is listed in the "9 Best Professional Resume Writers - in St. Louis" blog post by Matt Glodz

Let us get you ready for your next job opportunity by developing a professional customized resume!

Welcome to
Mathias Resume & Editing Services! 

Mathias Resume & Editing Services is a one-of-a-kind service that provides top-notch resumes and allows you to realize your job/career potential. Explore this site to read testimonials, get useful tips and more.

Why use Mathias Resume & Editing Services? 

  • We will design your professional resume that gets attention!

  • We provide you with leads to locate your next job opportunity.

  • Based on your work experience, we determine the best resume style to : chronological, functional or hybrid.

  • Prepare your resume with proper keyword positioning to meet the challenge of the ATS (applicant tracking system).

  • Interview you for up to one hour to obtain information for a stronger, more effective resume. (Many companies only interview for 10 minutes).

  • Write your resume to protect you from possible age discrimination, when needed.


  • Save your resume in several formats that adapts easily to various online application systems.

  • Provide a final resume that has great "eye appeal".

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Interview Warmup from Google. . .

What’s new on the table to help candidates nail job interviews? Google has a new tool titled, “Interview Warmup” to help candidates excel in answering interview questions. Using this tool, candidates’ answers to interview questions are transcribed quickly for easy review. No grading or judging here! It also includes unlimited times to practice answering questions.

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What Our Clients Say. . .

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"Pat’s input helped direct the development of my resume. This led to many job prospects setting up interviews, which left me with the power of options. Thanks!"

Tyreece J.—New York

I hope all has been good with you and this email finds you well. I wanted to send you a personal thank you for your Resume services you provided to me. It’s been 2½ years since you last reviewed and reimagined my résumé for me. Since then, I have had countless opportunities and great jobs offered to me because of it. I have also gotten a lot of compliments and praise on how good my resume is. Your services have allowed me to showcase my talent, image and years of experience to employers in a very proficient manner that I could never figure out how to do by myself. I am happy I was able to find you and use your services as I will be starting a new career at one of the largest aerospace companies in the U.S. My resume was a large part of how I was able to get that opportunity.   Thank you, Michael H., II

Vickie F. - Missouri

It was fantastic finding Mathias Resume and Editing Services because I was stressing to get my resume completed. All I had to do is send them my resume and job interest to get the resume going.

         This is why I’m recommending Mathias Resume & Editing Services to those who like I was, stressing to get your resume completed.

Ildiko D. - Missouri

Pat provides expeditious service, yet takes her time to understand her client's vision when she edits your work. She asks questions to make sure content has clarity for the readers.

     I'm planning to use her service for my upcoming book. I highly recommend her!

Ansley S. - Georgia

Thank you so much for everything! I appreciate your help greatly! I hope that you have an amazing week and summer and will reach out if I ever need your assistance again!



Joann K. - New York

I thank Mathias Resume & Editing Services, so very much, for assisting me in writing my resume for job searches.

        As you know, I found the possibility of trying to describe my work experience to prospective employers a little intimidating. Yet you knew exactly how I should structure the resume, and thanks to you, I’ve been receiving calls, emails and text messages from the employers I sent it to.

        I genuinely appreciate your help. I’ll let you know what happens and I hope you’ll let me take you out to celebrate once I’ve found my next job.

Robbie M. - Texas

Great professional experience working with this service provider. This company was very easy to work with. They took my old resume and transformed it into a high quality document that I was able to use in my job search. In a matter of a week or so, I had multiple hits from my new updated resume and landed a great job for a major insurance company. I definitely recommend using Mathias Resume and Editing Services. I have already shared my experience with my family, friends and new colleagues!!!

Nancy A. - Missouri

Pat, you greatly helped me with a beautiful and most impressive resume. Haha, I was even impressed with myself when you finished. And I did land a job, even at my age. I’d recommend you to anyone looking for a job or career change.

Anita K. - Arizona

I wanted to express my appreciation for the professionalism of Pat Mathias in helping me with my resume.  Pat reviewed my resume and job description of the position I wanted, and provided me with insight and next steps to improve my chances of being selected for that position. The recruiter was very impressed with my skills outlined on my resume.   I highly recommend Mathias Resume & Editing Services in assisting individuals with improving how they are documenting previous work experience.
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