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Critical Steps to Take for a Job or Career Change

Do you want a fresh start in 2019? Start by attending the Critical Steps to Take for a Job or Career Change workshop.

Knowing what is needed to get hired, promoted or change careers is more vital than ever before. Register for this workshop to learn how to purposefully position yourself for a new career, obtain steps to get promoted, powerful interview techniques, and to write an effective resume.

You will learn how to:

  • Interview like a professional and learn about the value you bring to the organization

  • Ask the right questions, and how to pivot to bring out the best for you and the employer during an interview

  • Maximize job satisfaction by understanding the different behavior styles and how to adapt for better results

  • Understand key driving forces that lead people into making decisions and motivating them to action

  • The three different styles of resumes and which one will work best for you

  • Prepare your resume to pass the applicant tracking system and drive it into the hands of recruiters

  • Avoid age discrimination on your resume to increase your chances for a job interview, and much more!

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