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Mitchell Mandel, Professional Career Consultant

Mitchell Mandel had his first taste of hard work at the age of nine when he helped with his family's lawn and hauling business, which earned his family just enough to keep food on their table and a roof over their heads.

He attended Northeast Missouri State University and afterward began working in the multifamily housing industry. He climbed his way up the career ladder from a Seasonal Groundskeeper to the Assistant Manager and Bookkeeper due to his indomitable personality and positive outlook on life. During this early part of his career, he learned the art of the sale and how to stay motivated despite rejection.

Mitchell changed gears and started working in the furniture sales industry as an Area Sales Supervisor for Cort Furniture, motivating his salespeople to help each customer envision how the pieces they were selling could make their empty apartments and houses turn into their homes. Times were good and his career was booming, but he wanted to take on a new challenge, selling people on career opportunities instead of furniture. He became a Corporate Recruiter.

Mitchell has experience recruiting for a wide variety of fields in several industries. He recruited:

  • Salespeople for mobile technology giants, The Mobile Solution and Helio Wireless

  • Individuals in the credit industry for Crescent Processing Company

  • Nurses for the Workforce Solution Group

Each job field and industry presented different challenges and different needs. By working with his hiring managers, he was able to match their needs to the candidate's background and personality. During this time, he gained an astute insight into the psyche of successful candidates and he wants to share the "secret recipe" with you in order to help you launch your career!

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