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Tina Asher, Career Coach, Assessment Analyst, Facilitator, Trainer

Tina is the owner and President of Asher Career Coaching and Consulting. Prior to opening her practice, Tina served as a leader in the mortgage insurance and finance industry for 25+ years. Her experience includes roles in management, sales, marketing, operations, training, and customer service. She coached dozens of direct reports to reach their sales goals, career goals, and personal goals.

She is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst; Certified Professional Driving Forces Analyst and Certified Professional TriMetrixHD Analyst; and a Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst.

She is also a Value-Added Associate with TTI Success Insights, one of the world’s leading source for research based, validated assessment and coaching tools that allow her to help both individuals and businesses meet their talent management needs and personal career goals with patented solutions and programs. She has volunteered as a life and career coach.

Tina’s passion is and has always been to encourage others to reach their full potential while balancing a full and productive life.

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